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Ooops, there goes the neighbourhood

[Ian Macready]
The new pop-up in our street

There’s been a lot of chatter about the evils of the Shoreditchification of London recently, Shoreditch being the location for our London branch. But over  in our office in Little India, Singapore we thought we were safe. Sure, there is a trendy design hotel in the next street, but the neighbourhood has always seemed to be one of the most authentic in town. It has been a largely untouched haven from the high-rise and shopping mall culture that to many, signifies the city state, and is made up of little grocery stores, barber shops and cafes plying dosa and dal.

But no…the pop-ups are moving in. Just a few doors from our studio in Dunlop Street, Temporium has taken up residence until the end of February in two vacant shop houses with a concept diner, gallery and pop-up store. Fortunately for us, it is our favourite coffee people in town Papa Palheta, the folks behind the fantastic cafe in the art deco shophouse called Chye Seng Huat Hardware.

There is great fashion on the top floor (don’t miss the staircase entrance), jewellery, bags and other bits of design clobber on the ground floor and then best of all, the cafe with its great ceramics by Weekend Worker (all for sale and ranging in price from $25 – $55) and top notch food by Wild Rocket. There is something a bit (too?) perfect about it all – you certainly would not get this attention to detail in your average London pop-up. Still, no doubt we’ll have to be moving on, now that the trendsetters are moving in: we could not stomach having to wear skinny jeans in the tropics.

The upstairs fashion section
Some bags cleverly displayed on the walls
Downstairs in the cafe
The perfect cup of coffee on a little tray
Chye Seng Huat Hardware - the permanent home of Papa Palpeta