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Geothermal power station in Iceland

[Michael Franke]
Reykjanes Power Station

It’s funny but everything looks beautiful in Iceland – even a power station. Michael Franke, our regular project photographer, was passing through and took some  great photographs (finally in our blog, rather than our particularly amateur snaps) of the steaming installation. Right on the southwest tip of Iceland, it is designed to reflect the shape of the distant Eldey Island designed by architecture team Arkitektastofan, one of the oldest of its kind in Iceland.

From the website: Reykjanesvirkjun is a geothermal power plant, with total power generated of around 100 MW. The energy is taken frome 12 boreholes, 1800-2600 m deep, at a temperature of 285-315 °C.  Seawater is used for cooling. The power plant comprises several building, such as the powerhouse, conveying stations, dividing stations etc.

Eldey Island
Some very long pipes
The power station and its steaming environment
The long view
The power station
The Reykjanes geothermal field
Some of the conveying stations
The bleak landscape
The power station in the distance