Hidden faces by Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel at the RCA Secrets 2014

[Ian Macready]
Not one of the postcards - it's just Ben

It’s been and gone again and I still did not get a Paula Rego or a Grayson Perry postcard. Next year eh? This is an annual event and this year 2900 postcards went on sale by 1124 artists – some big names and some at the start of their career. They cost £50 each but of course it’s a bit of a lottery because you don’t get to know the name of the artist until after the sale is complete. It would be great if all shows were like this and then see what would happen to the price of some artists’ work. But some sterling work as usual has gone into the money raising effort for the Royal College of Art by our friends and graphic designers Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel. A series of images with hidden faces were created by Ben and Mark to publicise the event. Although clearly with a 2000 person queue for the event, it’s now pretty well established amongst the art crowds. One person even flew in from Ireland a week early to be first in the queue. No wonder I’ll never get the big prize – I just don’t have the dedication but the good news is that the £100 000 raised goes to student bursaries

Trying to spot the investment card
The Battersea building of the RCA with Ben in the window
The list of artists
The redhead is another one of our friends
Don't know who she is....